Pellets Mole
The Pellet Mole principle Maximum storage space utilization
Universally applicable Maximum utilization of space Quick and easy assembly
Benefits Mole
When using a sloping floor for pellets, the pellets must slip/fall down the slope to the discharge screw. For this method, the maximum storage volume is not used, as the space below the slanted sides of the pellet storage is not available. When a Pellet Mole is used the pellets are sucked from above, therefore the complete storage space can be used. This is very useful, especially for small storage rooms.
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Pellets Mole silo tank Detailed information can be found in our online shop.  from xxxxx
Pellets Mole Detailed information can be found in our online shop. from xxxxx
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Picture source: “Mole from mound of earth” - Author: Dieter Haugk / “Mole, silo” - Author: Schellinger KG
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