Alert notification by email  Reassuring to know that everything is working
Highest operational reliability No unnecessary travel expenses Tip Quick problem solving Cost-effective customer service
Benefits active alarm message
Ice age in your home when you are on vacation ?  Who does not know that sinking feeling when you are on holiday in winter and at home there are freezing conditions. You lie in the sun whilst at home your pipes freeze. It used to be left to your neighbours to check the heating every few days. So now we put an end to this practice!
Picture source: “Winterlandschaft” - Author: Margit Becker  / “Vereistes Haus” - Author: Ulla Trampert /
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We have the solution: iQtouch pellet boiler with integrated status notification via email  Each SOLARvent iQtouch pellet boiler informs you and our customer service remote maintenance experts of any malfunction of your pellet boiler. Our engineers connect with your heating system and attempt to resolve the issue directly. Should this not be possible, you will be informed so that you can work together to solve the problem.
Internet remote maintenance  Through our remote maintenance we will guarantee you receive a first class customer service. You do not have to explain, at length on the phone, what the problem is. We can see online and know what the problem is. In most cases we can remotely solve the problem or together we can fix it.
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